What does the Central Lane MPO do?
The Central Lane MPO is a forum for cooperative transportation decision making for the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area and Coburg. The MPO produces plans and programs that focus on the regional aspects of transportation planning. The MPO channels federal funding to local transportation projects and programs through a sound planning process that is comprehensive, cooperative, and continuing.

There are 5 core functions of a Metropolitan Planning Organization:
  1. Establish a fair and impartial setting for regional decision making
  2. Evaluate transportation alternatives
  3. Maintain a long-range transportation plan covering a 20 year planning horizon
  4. Develop a 4 year Transportation Improvement Program and prioritize projects
  5. Involve the public.

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1. What is a Metropolitan Planning Organization?
2. What is the Central Lane MPO?
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4. What does the Central Lane MPO do?
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