Traffic Counts
Traffic counts within the MPO area are made by various agencies:
These counts are used for planning and project development, and figure into the calculation of miles traveled by vehicles in the region.

Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT)
For a given class of vehicles,VMT describes the total distance traveled by those vehicles within a specified area and specified time period. VMT is calculated by multiplying the average number of vehicles on a road section by the length of that section. These results are summed over all road sections to calculate total VMT for the area. Due to the variability of traffic volumes over even a small city area, it is impractical to measure VMT with individual counts on each street segment.  Thus,VMT is typically estimated using statistical models that incorporate traffic counts, road functional class, and results from traffic models.

Oregon VMT
National and regional trends are tracked by 
Federal Highway Administration, utilizing data reported by the states. Estimates of VMT on all Oregon roads have been extracted from these reports and are plotted here

VMT on state-owned highways only is reported by ODOT at the state and at the county levels.

Trends in VMT/Capita
This graph shows the growth in VMT on state owned highways in Lane County, and compares this growth with county population growth from 1991 through 2011. VMT/capita for Lane County is compared with VMT/capita for Oregon.

This graph shows the daily VMT in the Eugene-Springfield area compared with other Oregon MPOs and the US National Average through 2009.