Gasoline Costs in Oregon
Three levels of taxes are applied to gasoline sales within Oregon: 
  • Federal taxes - $0.1840/gallon (gasoline and ethanol); $0.2440/gallon (diesel)
  • State taxes - $0.30/gallon
  • Local taxes - vary by jurisdiction
Tax information is available at ODOT.

The following cities within the commuteshed of the MPO have adopted a local sales taxes on motor fuels (taxes as of Dec 2014):
  • Coburg: 3 cents/gallon  (gasoline only)
  • Eugene: 5 cents/gallon
  • Springfield: 3 cents/gallon
  • Veneta: 3 cents/gallon
  • Cottage Grove: 3 cents/gallon
Current and historic gas prices for selected areas are available on the Oregon AAA web site. Other data, including costs by grade and formulation, are available at the U.S. Energy Information Administration web site. Note that costs on this site do NOT include local gas taxes.

Motor Vehicle Fuel Sales in Oregon
ODOT Fuels Tax Group tracks and reports motor vehicle fuels sales within the State. Gallons sold and taxes received are reported for the State as a whole and for each jurisdiction that has a local fuels tax.

Gasoline Usage in Central Lane MPO 2003-2016
Data from the ODOT Fuels Tax Group have been complied for the Central Lane area. This graph shows motor vehicle fuel purchases within the commuteshed of the MPO (Eugene, Springfield, Coburg, Veneta and Cottage Grove), and for the cities of the MPO (Eugene, Springfield and Coburg).