Metropolitan Policy Committee

There are several committees that contribute to the Central Lane MPO process. The policy board of the Central Lane MPO is the Metropolitan Policy Committee (MPC), and the geography of this body is determined by the distribution of population and development within the central Lane County area. After each census the Central Lane MPO redefines the boundaries of the urbanized area and adjusts its membership accordingly. The MPO works in cooperation with MPC, local government, state and federal agencies and the public to improve transportation in the Central Lane County region. We welcome your input and encourage your participation in our work.

Transportation Planning Committee

The Central Lane MPO is supported by several additional committees. MPC has appointed the Transportation Planning Committee (TPC) which contains staff-level participation from the various local governments within the Central Lane MPO area, primarily planners and engineers. The Technical Advisory Sub-Committee (TASC) is a subcommittee to TPC of technical staff. All meetings are open to the public, and public participation is encouraged.

Lane Area Commission on Transportation

The Central Lane MPO also works closely with the Lane Area Commission on Transportation (Lane ACT). Lane ACT is an advisory body to the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) established to provide a forum for stakeholders to collaborate on transportation issues affecting Lane County and to strengthen state/local partnerships in transportation. For more information visit the State of Oregon's ACT page.
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