Get Involved

How You Can Help
How do you fit into the transportation planning process? There are many ways to get involved. It all depends on your interest and time. It starts with learning about the issues, potential solutions, and what already has been accomplished. You can make a valuable contribution by getting the facts and commenting from personal experience. The comments go to the elected officials. Your input is important - it’s how elected officials get an understanding of our community’s needs.

Receive Updates
Sign up to receive emails and/or mailings about meetings and public comment periods. Sign up at events or on the Sign Up page.

Share Your Views
Review current projects and provide regional decision-makers your input. Sign up at LaneVoices to join the conversation.

Public Meetings
Comment informally at meetings of the Metropolitan Planning Organization Citizen Advisory Committee, the Metropolitan Policy Committee, and at various elected bodies such as the Board of County Commissioners. These meetings are open to the public--attend to learn about what is happening with transportation planning in our region. See the calendar or committees pages for information about meetings.

Public Comment Periods
Comment formally about adoption or amendments to a transportation plan or program. Testify at public hearings or submit comments in writing through mail, email, or fax during formal public comment periods advertised through email notices, web and newspaper advertisements, and posters on buses. See the public comments and public hearings webpage for announcements.

Public Hearings
Testify formally during public comment periods. Notice is sent to the mailing list, advertised in the newspaper, and posted on this website on the public comments and public hearings webpage.

Public Open Houses & Workshops
Learn about what’s happening with regional transportation planning. Sign up for the mailing list. Fill out comment forms. See the calendar for announcements on open houses and workshops.